City, State, County, Tribal Government Communicators….this is for you!

by Marisa Ellison, Competitions Director for the National Association of Government Communicators and Customer Relations Manager for the Missouri Department of Transportation (Northeast District)

This blog is not meant to slight our colleagues at
the federal level. Believe me…there are many opportunities for all government
communicators to get involved in NAGC.

This post, however, is meant for those
of us who are focused on specific state, county tribal and city issues. Let’s face
it….these issues, while influenced by the federal government, can be different
for those of us at other levels of government. Yet, they all stem from similar

I work for transportation, and we are totally
underfunded, both at the federal level and the state level. Sound familiar?
We, as government communicators, do not have direct influence on potential
outcomes, yet it is our jobs to share the message of underfunding. Or maybe it’s
our message to share health information, without the comfort of enough funding.
There are so many scenarios. My point is, we are all in this together. We
can learn from each other. Share ideas, network, brainstorm. This is what NAGC
can do for you. We are here to learn from each other…implement best
practices…NOT reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

So, if you’re looking for ways
to share, listen, learn and implement, NAGC is for you. Check us out at The annual Communications School is a great way to exchange ideas and the Blue Pencil/Gold Screen Awards recognize our industry’s finest work.

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