Civic Data Challenge Turns Raw Data into Community Tools

Believe that communities can take better advantage of key data in their decision-making?

On April 3rd, the first-ever Civic Data Challenge launched at the Data 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. It’s a project of NCoC (the National Conference on Citizenship) that will bring new eyes, new minds, new findings, and new skill sets to the field of civic health.

The Challenge will turn the raw data of “civic health” into beautiful, useful applications and visualizations, enabling communities to be better understood and made to thrive. NCoC is providing participants with its civic health data, as well as other data on the important topics of health, safety, education, and the economy.

We’re calling on participants to collaborate with others, analyze the data, and create something amazing to showcase what they find. Designers, data scientists, researchers, and app developers are especially encouraged to join the challenge.

The Challenge opened to the public on April 3 and entries must be received by July 29. Winners will be announced at the 67th Annual National Conference on Citizenship on September 14 in Philadelphia.

The Challenge is presented by NCoC in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. NCoC and Knight Foundation hope the Challenge will uncover new findings on why community engagement and attachment are critical to building thriving communities.

Join the Challenge!

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