Clean Edge Identifies U.S. Clean Energy Leaders

Clean Energy Leaders

Technology, Policy, Capital. The positioning of these three elements in favor of clean energy can be a powerful force for innovation, investment, and sustainability. That, at least, is what the latest U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index points toward.

The usual states top the list of this year’s report: California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, Connecticut and Vermont. California’s 95.3% index score puts it far in front of the rest of the field, but some states are clearly making significant clean energy strides. Iowa is now the state that generates the largest percentage of its power from wind, at 15.4%. And Idaho’s hyrdo and biomass resources allow it to generate 84% of the state’s electricity from clean sources. Businesses are accounted for in the index as well, as companies such as GM helped Michigan become the state with the most clean energy patents registered in 2010.

Of course, not all states can be on top. As the map above demonstrates, some states clearly have a lot of work to do if they intend to claim a leading spot in the country’s clean energy sector. But with states as diverse as Texas, Minnesota and New York all in the top 20, the door seems to be open for states from all regions of the country to find success with clean energy.

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