Clearing CMOS and Windex: The Cure-Alls for Life

In the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, the heroine’s father suggests that the ills of the world can be cured by “rubbing a little Windex on it”. Windex was his cure-all.

Customers who call the Trenton support line might feel they are getting analogous type advise because inevitably, one of the first questions tech support is going to ask is “Have you tried resetting CMOS? ”

At first, this may appear to be nothing more than Trenton’s version of ” rub a little Windex on it”. But the fact of the matter is the BIOS affects everything. From the time the SHB/SBC boots up until it shuts down, the BIOS is intertwined in all facets of the computer’s operation. POST, peripheral cards being recognized, resources being assigned, ports on the SHB/SBC working correctly…even in the operation of the OS…the BIOS is involved.

So, by all means…if your computer doesn’t POST, if some peripheral or port is acting a little flaky or some other anomaly surfaces that you just can’t resolve…try resetting CMOS. Then, if you still have to call Trenton’s Tech Support you will be able to answer the “Have you tried resetting CMOS” question with an emphatic “Yes!”

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Michael H. Markowski

You also might try flash updating your BIOS to a newer version to resolve hardware incompatibilities and add support for new features. This has solved a few problems for me in the past. Be very careful though, and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions because if the flash update of your BIOS fails for any reason, you’ll have bricked your PC.