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Today, everyone is trying to figure out how to how to store, how to optimize, and how to make sense over their vast data stores. One problem is that the velocity of this incoming data is not slowing, it is accelerating, and data stores are filling up faster than ever. The Apache Hadoop Distributed File System was designed to help distribute data around the network while enabling analysis through MapReduce commands. This type of approach is also available in ways that leverage the best in class storage capabilities of Cleversafe. This post provides a bit more on this.

Cleversafe has announced that their Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) is now open to MapReduce analytics. This enables developers/programmers to build programs the same way they would for other Apache Hadoop related capabilities, but now they can tap into incredibly large, secure data stores backed up with Cleversafe’s capabilities to protect data.

Cleversafe’s dsNet offers unparalleled security for your dispersed storage, while resulting in only one (as opposed to HDFS’s 3) copies of the storage. They slice data and distribute it across nodes in a sector. When it is to be used for computations, the data is stored in traditional format on the node. This enables both storage and analytics rapidly, without the need for extended duplication.

Enterprise decision makers need access to their data, at lower opportunity costs and with less capital investment. While the “do more with less” is a great mantra, coming from good intentions, simply repeating it does not make it so. Nor does saying it, make it possible. Solutions such as Cleversafe’s dsNet can help your agency adhere to the many federal mandates and regulations. It makes the following easier:

  • adherence to data policies – data is now machine readable
  • cost savings and data center consolidations – requires 60% less storage space than HDFS, saving storage space, data center space and electricity
  • enhanced security – dsNet provides a great amount of security for your dispersed data

As decisions makers are inundated with requirements, regulations and mandates, sorting the wheat from the chaff becomes more and more difficult, Cleversafe’s dsNet is the wheat in dispersed data storage.

For more information on Cleversafe and Hadoop MapReduce, go here.

For more information on Cleversafe, see here.

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