Climate Change Panel Publishes Reforms

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2007 was a difficult year for the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). That year saw the credibility of the IPCC shaken as many errors were found in their 4th climate assessment report.

In an effort to put past mistakes behind them for good, the IPCC has recently agreed on a number of measures to strengthen the integrity of their reports and hopefully ensure that a repeat of 2007 does not occur again. The main areas of concern that were addressed in the new rules include:

  • Conflict of interest reviews
  • More transparent and rapid communications
  • Effective governance through a new IPCC Executive Committee
  • Improved literature reviews

Chris Field, a member of the IPCC, stated that, ““The upgrades to the procedures on ensuring thorough reviews, explaining uncertainty and what constitutes relevant literature should deliver a Fifth Assessment that is clearer, more nuanced, and more relevant to the needs of the global community.”

The next IPCC report is due out in 2013. Read the full press release at the IPCC website.

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