How Cloud is Driving ‘Smart’ Government Transformation


As the federal government has made decisive steps to move towards a cloud-first approach, there are numerous benefits of leveraging FedRAMP-certified business management and data analytics solutions.

Today, few government agencies are not tapping into the key advantages of cloud computing for all areas of their operations — supporting the key needs of HR, communications, finance, procurement departments, and more. More and more, we are witnessing the transition of mission-critical information and applications into the cloud, where centralized management, seamless updates and upgrades, and managed security are incredibly powerful.

As many government agencies are going through major IT transformations, precipitated by the convergence of mega trends like cloud, big data, mobile adoption, etc., there is still a great deal of confusion about the real-world advantages and practical uses of cloud-based data analytics. Outlined below are key benefits that we see on the field every day. 

Overcoming the Security Hurdle Once and For All

Government leaders are looking for consistent, reliable, and standards-driven solutions that can help IT departments demonstrate compliance with the highest security standards. This is exactly what the FedRAMP program brings forward.

From the perspective of a certified provider, going through the FedRAMP approval process added layers of reliability, consistency and best practices to our technology and helped us adopt a more strategic lens on security.

Technology Transitions Made Easy

The data analytics industry is witnessing the rapidly diminishing effectiveness of traditional on-premise approaches that are not in line with key government initiatives like Cloud-First and Shared-First. To that end, government acquisition and technology leaders are actively engaged in re-architecting their technology strategies to break down siloes and protect data rigorously without compromising the user experience. Cloud-enabled analytics can play a critical role in these initiatives.

As many government agencies, including the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) are looking to double down on the cloud, it’s important to look for lessons learned and focus on practical ways to drive change and innovation through the technology.

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