Beyond Cloud Smart: How to Optimize Your Cloud Journey
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Optimize Your Cloud Journey

Adopting the cloud successfully in your agency is a multi-step journey, and following a well-thought-out strategy can pave the way to mission success.

It’s understandable that your journey may move faster or slower than other agencies, depending on what your time, staffing and budget restrictions allow. Along the way, though, there are three must-have stages to optimize your cloud environment that should be taken into account:

Assess, Discover and Migrate: At this stage, you evaluate your existing environment and strategize your migration.

Code Optimization: In the next step of the process, you evaluate and refine your applications and code for cloud compatibility.

Cloud FinOps: At this point, you’re ready to bring financial discipline to your cloud operations, with financial analysis and reporting, and to look for ways to drive cost savings.

For each of these stages in your cloud modernization journey, there are tech solutions that can help your organization achieve its optimization goals. Check out this guide, “Beyond Cloud Smart: How to Optimize Your Cloud Journey,” to get guidance and strategies for making the most of your cloud capabilities.

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