Cloud Innovations in Higher Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the advancement of technology, Cloud computing has become a huge driving force for the enterprise and public sector in recent years. Inevitably, colleges and higher education institutions have also started to make use of the technology. So much in fact, that 55% of higher education IT administrators and professionals have said that the cloud is the #1 technology improving their efficiency (according to a 2013 report by CDW).

Furthermore, 80% of students are expected to take some sort of cloud-based online class by the end of 2014. Institutions have been able to make use of the cloud by improving productivity suites, messaging/social networking, conferencing, storage and computational power – with well-known universities like MIT and Berkeley using the technology.

Take a look at the Infographic below created by Pulp-PR, highlighting the importance of higher education in the cloud, along with some great cloud-based tools for teachers and administrators.

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