Coast to Coast: A Difference from East to West?

Everyone knows about the surfer dude. The constant “yeah mans” and “yeah bro” are phrases associated with only one person of one coast? Can’t be the east, because dignified lobbyists are speaking with much refined tongues, and strict guards on their vocabulary. However, when it comes to the different sides of the country, are we really as different as we think we are?

A fun diagram from depicts the social differences from the coasts and how we differ from not only style, but connection as well. Now I’m not saying these differences are bad, or that it makes living in the same country difficult. Oh no! These differences makes us closer as a country. We are able to think through ideas and challenges with different strengths from people in different areas. These strengths can also be used in politics as well. Different ideas mean new solutions to problems from not only the past, but also the present and future. Do you believe there really are differences between the west and east coast? What are some experiences with different social and political norms you have faced? Good bye, and peace out bro.

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