Snow? Be prepared

Yes folks its that time again. Time to be ready. The national weather service in Wakefield Virginia says snow (source:

For those, like me, believing the white powder stuff will come later, now *is* a good time to check winter storm preparations from last year. A dry run of sorts.

Why? because we the government workers are the ones that make things happen. The one citizens and others rely on. Schools may close, Business can close but local and state governments should not close during a snow storm.

I’m hoping for a snow day and want to be comfertable during a closure. Some things to have and do

1) Have a recent printed copy of staff telephone numbers to call people

2) Try the laptop at home to work from home. Everyone should be able to work from home.

3) Have a full tank of gas in the car, windshield wiper blades and the blue windshield wiper fluid with antifreeze.

4) Have a five day supply of food and beverages at home. If Wal*Mart loses power the food can go bad and then its another day or two before they are re stocked. (Q: how do you lose power the cable is nailed to the wall. It ain’t goin anywhere :0 )

5) Flash lights (plural, not singular) with batteries (also plural not singular)

6) Propane for gas grill in case power goes out. Yes that is a full cylinder not just “yea we have the grill set up. Cylinder is empty since late august but its all set up”

7) USB adapter for the car. This charges the cell phone, iPod, Kindle and Galaxy. Keeps the family entertained.

8) Fill any medications now. Saturday might be a bad day to get them refilled.

Add anything else you can think of. Be prepared. Have a vision and share it.

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