Code4Russia – a new Russian eGov intiative!

A number of serious competitions among IT- developers that are aimed to implement new eGov services or projects that could be further used by authorities or other specialized companies have been conducted recently in almost every Western country. Developers in turn could derive a variety of benefits starting from free educational or qualification programme to more profitable – money prize. Personally I was interested in these kind of contests and was very inspired to do something similar in Russia. Once it is proclaimed it should be done later on.

So, now I’m very pleased to announce the launch of our new eGov intiative – Code4Russia that represents a separate but connected eGov iniative that works under Gov2People project that as far as you might know considers all existed eGov services in Russia and reviews international practices that could be used in Russian virtual reality.

Code4Russia represents the largest Russian online unique project that includes “Coding for Russia” All-Russian contest of developers in eGov context and special project called “Developers expertise.”

Developers expertise is the first project of that kind in Russia that can be seen as an expert’s crowdsource model that is made to encourage best IT-specialists of e-govermeent project and services to leave comments and feedback.

Among main objectives of this project are the following:

– improvement of interface and usability of eGov services;
– providing feedback and assesment of eGov services;
– establishment of efficient collaboration between eGov services consumers and government itself;
– building media and web loyalty towards eGov services;

The contest “Coding for Russia” is conducted among developers of mobile apps and web-sites based on open data.

Key aim of the contest is to first of all attract attention of IT-communities and authorities to public projects and issues that could be transformed into eGov context. And secondly, to show on practice that these available tools for problem solving are more than real and could be used anywhere in Russia!

So the general idea is to attract and collaborate with best developers of our country in order to create eGov services that will be helpful for citizens of different regions. So now we are anticipating the results and keen on going further and further.

Should you have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them. I’m also interested in getting knowledge and any sort of information about what contests or winning projects you know and consider as remarkable and worth observing.

More information about eGov services and especially about Code4Russia is avaliable here.

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