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My election campaign: focus on social media

So as you might already know I’ve enrolled for State Duma elections 2012 in Russia and going to represent interests of “Fair Russia” party. This post is about the strategy I’ve put down the election campaign that is mainly based on working with social media marketing that is actively used by different politicians. I’ve decidedRead… Read more »

Code4Russia – a new Russian eGov intiative!

A number of serious competitions among IT- developers that are aimed to implement new eGov services or projects that could be further used by authorities or other specialized companies have been conducted recently in almost every Western country. Developers in turn could derive a variety of benefits starting from free educational or qualification programme toRead… Read more »

Startup Genome Compass – a new behchmarking tool for startup businesses

I’d like to share with you one of the best recent applications that also represents a good approach how to combine theoretical knowledge and practical background in one case. Here it is,Startup Genoma Compass that could become a very popular and efficient way to measure startup success and to define in what stage of developmentRead… Read more »

Moscow authorities are now discussing their draft documents in electronic form

For the first time in history on Moscow government meeting all of the materials will be filed in electronic form on the desktop computers through a specialized information system. Government members’ve already received their passwords. Access to system is possible through any device via Internet. System is still in test mode, but it previously passedRead… Read more »

Russian women embrace Internet business

The Russian internet is becoming more and more feminine. This does not mean there isn’t anything left for the men. The number of women using the internet has grown dramatically, crossing the 60% threshold. Besides personal goals, women are on the web to make money. Alena Popova, an angel-investor and the founder of Startup WomenRead… Read more »

eGov2.0 conference in Russia

On November 26 we had the first e-government conference taken in Moscow. This is the first event which is case-study based, the best practices were demonstrated there. The total number of participants: 273 persons, 80% are authorities’ officials and 20% are experts. There were 52 reports made on the next subjects: Providing of electronic publicRead… Read more »

10 points on the current situation in Russian Gov 2.0

My interview Government 2.0 in Russia: megabyte democracy – An interview with russian e-gov-expert Alena Popova was published this week. The author of the blog is Julia Talmazan. She lives in Vancouver and blogging about Russia, from the perspective of someone who was born in the USSR, but grew up in Canada. Thank you JulieRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 in Russia: Alena Popova

Let me introduce myself to GovLoop community. My name is Alena Popova. I’m developing the direction of Government 2.0 in Russia. I’ve created the project Duma 2.0 (in russian), which was established in December 2009 and operates on the principle of Citizen 2.0 Project Duma 2.0 is a social initiative aimed to improve the lawsRead… Read more »

Investing in Russia?

Great Article by Matt Marshal at Russia is the sixth-largest economy in the world, but it’s also a country relatively untouched by foreign investors, especially investors in technology. Could Russia potentially be the home of the next massive tech boom? The short answer is: No way. At least not anytime soon. That’s the conclusionRead… Read more »