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Collaboration is a top priority for disaster planning & response

Originally posted to www.brightsidegovernment.com
By Glenn Schoonover

We have already witnessed the first hurricane of the season. Despite the fact that Hurricane Andres quickly receded to a tropical depression in the Pacific, hurricane preparedness and response is one of the most critical collaborative efforts among federal, state and local agencies to protect lives, communities and property.

Destructive hurricanes over recent years have awakened our governments at all levels to take a hard look at the resources and technological systems required to effectively manage operations prior to and during such a crisis. As a result, at every level of emergency planning, it’s clear that agencies have stepped up their investments to ensure that they have right technology resources in place.

Because there are many lessons learned from the past, I suspect that during this hurricane season there will be significant improvements in how governments deploy resources to aid people and communities in need. Yet, this will only be the case if proper advance planning has occurred. Outlined below are some key areas for an effective and collaborative disaster and emergency plan:

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