CON 090 Week 3

I’m happy with passing…as is everyone else. That’s because this class is ridiculously hard and its pass/fail. There is no honors program for CON 90, only those that pass and fail at the 80% line. That’s good because it makes us work hard. Hard standards bring good work. That’s the case here.

Oh and I’ve also developed two demonstrable skills from this class.

  1. I developed research skills, so I can find anything in the FAR, DFARS and class deviations.
  2. I can repeat almost all FAR Parts 1-53. I should have them memorized by the end of week 4. It sounds worthless, but it’ll be handy when discussing contract solutions with my customers.
I see these skills really helping me at my job.
I’m the first contract specialist in my office to take CON 090. I also didn’t have to take it, but I’m glad I did. I highly recommend you take this class as well. I know one contracting officer that took this course. It challenged her and corrected bad habits she developed over a 20 year career. That’s how good it is.

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