Congress on Course to Extend Expiring Continuing Resolution

Originally posted at The Government Affairs Institute

Both chambers remain on course to pass a largely uncontroversial extension of the expiring continuing resolution (CR) that will be comprised of an omnibus and probably five out of the 12 individual appropriations bills. It will set FY13 discretionary spending at $984b, equal to the sequester level, but with increased flexibility at departments covered by the spending bills, including Defense. It will also contain dozens of “anomalies” that will permit targeted spending on things like the FBI, Customs and Border Protection, and embassy security. It will contain a 1.7% military pay raise, but maintain the freeze on civilian pay.

Yesterday House Republicans unveiled their FY14 budget plan, which if enacted would roll back a number of the Obama Administration’s legislative accomplishments, including core provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and dramatically cut non-defense discretionary spending. Senate Democrats are set to unveil their budget next week, which will bear little resemblance to the House proposal. Both chambers will likely pass their respective budget resolutions along partisan lines, but merging the two dramatically different plans would be a monumental feat.

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