Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) in Government

How is CPI being adpoted in your organization, is it being taken seriously and lastly, have any results been accomplished (reduced steps, saved money or better performance metrics to identify success? Give me your thoughts…

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Ohio has adopted Kai Zen practices with mixed, but generally positive results. see and for more.

Brent Jameson

As Matthew mentioned, Ohio has done a great deal in a short period of time (also see Iowa is another state that has done quite a bit (

Many states have adopted LeanSigma or at least dabbled in it to see if it’s a fit. Even states that have done very little with CPI have seen positive results. The reason for not moving forward with more CPI is usually budget constraints, competing priorities or the lack of an influential internal CPI champion.

Review some of the result links and let me know if you have any questions.
Hope this helps.

Ronald Richardson

Brent you’re absolutely correct that a CPI champion is paramount with this type of endeavour. But if someone takes on the advocate role and focuses on Strategic direction for the state, municipality, etc…results with multiple and the savings (by product of an effective Lean Six Sigma (LSS) effort) will accumilated and the cultural shift will happen. The key being someone advocating with clount and really wanting it to work. Data driven decisions are hard to refute…

Brent Jameson

Ronald, it sounds like we have similar experiences in pushing a LSS effort. One other note…states that have had success spreading CPI to multiple agencies usually start in one department with a willing director. After a few successful events, the other departments that have the “I won’t believe it until you show me” view are more willing to at least discuss a pilot event/project. To your point…data is your friend.