Contracting Skills Championship

I just read an article that featured memory competitions. For example, at the USA Memory Championship, participants compete in 10 events. One event involves memorizing random digits in a short time and repeating as many as possible. Another is memorizing the order of a card deck and repeating it as fast as possible.

I think a similar competition, call it the Contracting Skills Championship, would be a novel way to promote technical skills that new contract specialists need to learn. Possible events could be:

  • Mock negotiations
  • Analyzing risk in a statement of work in under 5 minutes
  • Come up with as many solutions as possible to a scenario in under a minute
  • Fill out a CAR in FPDS as fast as possible
  • Find 10 files as quickly as possible
  • Answer a customer’s question as quickly as possible
  • Research 3 random questions in the FAR as fast as possible
These are just some thoughts. If you feel inspired, run with it.

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