Converting Visitors Center

So, Got this great resource next door, sitting empty. Was the visitors center. Now due to lack of funding, and resignation of the guy who ran the shop, it is only up and running in the summer months. I want to take it over, and I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Has anyone ventured into this sort of proposal for taking over a project like this? Just wondering…. I have a vision, I am a Fire Prevention Officer and I see it as a great Fire Prevention TOOL. Museum ect…..

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That would be cool…maybe you should just slowly move in and see what people say 🙂 Debate of asking for permission vs forgiveness.

Scott Burns

This sounds like a great idea. Taking it over and asking forgiveness later is not a bad idea if it’s practical. I wonder if a 1-page document that pulled together some reasons why Fire Prevention would be a good use of the space might be a good way to get others on board. I’m sure you have access to great stats. I wonder if the Fire Administration has any statistics, grants, etc. that might help though they seem more focused on Fire Fighters than fire prevention.

Moki Bluvas

Yes, I put the bug in my bosses ear this morning. Now I think I will write up a proposal for use and in that I will highlight the advantages. There might be some regional money I could tap into, and mentioning monetary support always helps.