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Now that we have the holidays behind us the next big challenge will be making it through the winter weather and the Christmas bills. Even Mack and Morgan (aka Ming the Merciless or Morfan) had to go back to work this week. Will we have nationwide free wireless broadband access in the U.S.? Yea, right – just as soon as we get our flying cars.

The Cops Online social networking site reached 2000 active members and continues to grow. If you have not joined yet, take a moment to sign up.

This week we start off with a story about a novel way to avoid a traffic summons. Then a store clerk has his shoplifting problem locked up. A Washington drunk could use a GPS unit. Note to self: It is not a good idea to call a cab to take you from a burglary. Go to jail on a drunk canine charge – yea right! Charles Barkley get busted for DUI and does not make his “date.” I have an idea – let’s sell meth in the police parking lot. A canine takes a bite out of the bathroom burglar. Our keynote story: How do I love you? Let me count the ways my plastic sweetheart.

Remember, we welcome training or event announcements from any criminal justice agency or training organization. Also, if your agency is hiring, just send us a little information about the job and we’ll announce it on the next show. Send us an email at [email protected].

The football playoffs are cranking up but after the game don’t forget to download the show, fire up the iPod and join us for another great episode of CopCAST.

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