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Cops 2.0

I want to tell you about a really cool site that is being built and looks like it is going to be a great tool!
Go to:
You will find resources that are helpful to departments that want to go to the next level. The fact is that modern law enforcement will utilize these tools and more as they become available. This site and its creator have the ability to help departments come up to speed very quickly in this new age of ultra fast digital tools.
Whether we like it or not, want it or not – these tools are here and they have the ability to DESTROY a police officer’s reputation, his career, the department he/she works for as well as its command staff.
However, properly used these tools have the ability to help departments, individual officers as well as commanders manage situations and respond to things as they are developing. These new web applications have the ability to be great “Damage Control” tools.
Most importantly, these tools have the ability to promote causes and build the reputations of departments, individual officers as well as command staff members. That ability has not been available to use before because we have always had to rely on the media to shine a light on or departments. The problem has typically been that they are only interested in turning that light on when they get to point it at something that we have done wrong – sensationalism sells!
The founder of Cops 2.0 has created a “Game Changing” opportunity for departments across the country. I hope that department administrators have the good sense to take advantage of it!

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Adriel Hampton

Andy, that looks like a great site. Thanks for pointing it out! Truly, social media is a chance for many agencies to take their message straight to the community – just be wise about it. Having a guide is helpful. I’m going to slam up a link to Cops 2.0 on my site.

Andy Willis

Great Idea and thanks for the comment. I went to your site earlier today and I am blown away by your stuff. Dude – I think I am going to just visit there on a daily basis. Do you do most of your work there in the mornings or eveneings? Or are you like me – it’s nonstop?
I just did a new blog and created a new term “Web Professor”.
Again – thanks and keep up the GREAT work on your site!

Adriel Hampton

Thanks, Andy. I do a bit of Twitter on my phone during the day, but most of my writing is at night in Pacific Time, so most folks see it in the morning 🙂