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Soldiers or Police?

The Domestic Soldier (DS) is my alternative name for police officers in the United States. The basic reason I am applying this designation is that a DS is an individual who provides physical protective services to the homeland. This soldier is recruited, trained and educated in domestic warfare. We usually don’t think of our lawRead… Read more »

Technology in Law Enforcement. What about Web 2.0?

Technology in Law Enforcement? I was having a conversation the other day with a newly appointed Chief of Police, Ray Douglas, from a small town close to Memphis. This newly sworn-in Chief was going through the process of determining what capabilities his staff had and what they lacked. During my conversation with Ray, I askedRead… Read more »

Cops 2.0

I want to tell you about a really cool site that is being built and looks like it is going to be a great tool! Go to: You will find resources that are helpful to departments that want to go to the next level. The fact is that modern law enforcement will utilize theseRead… Read more »