COTR TRAINING @ Affordable Rates

The Acquisition Institute Inc., (www.AcquisitionInstitute.com) is one of the very few training agencies that operates throughout the United States and overseas providing acquisition training at rates that are nearly 1/3 less than GSA Schedule holders and competitors. TAI’s specialty is basic contracting courses, of which, COTR courses make up the bulk of our business with agencies like HUD, FAA, USDA and DOD. We don’t price on a seat basis; instead, we offer classes like the Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR), Performance Work Statement (PWS) Development, Performance Based Acquisition (PBA) for Services, Contract Negotiations, and Ethics classes on a flat rate per class for “up to 25 students” on-site starting at just $2500. That’s 25 students for just one flat price including books. Where else can an agency get a class that only costs $100 per seat when averaged for a full class. That’s pretty amazing considering most agencies are paying upwards of $300-400 per seat x 25 ($7500 min.) for the same class. Since its founding in January of 2007, The Acquisition Institute has taught over three-thousand government and industry employees in a variety of courses. What keeps our prices so low is our overhead–because our non-staff members are all paid on a 1099 basis. Trainers besides the founder which is CPCM, CPPO, DAWIA and FAC-C Level III qualified, include other former industry and DAU retired instructors each having over 30 years of exeprience in the field of contracting and program management. If you would like to find out more about out courses, what other say about our training, or are interested in having a course at your location, send us a comment or go to our webpage. If you would like to commment on our Blog Page (both at the website and here) simply chim in. You can sign up for notices on upcoming courses at UVA and around the country by joining our Mailing List at our website.

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