Countdown to Drupal Gov Days 2013: Free Hands-on Drupal Training!!!!

We’ve been working on the GovDays event planning our little hearts out when one of the team members said, “Hey, I love it when we do the drupal ladder, but I feel like we need to do more. We need a dedicated room and we need to do training. The kind of training you would normally pay for or you can only get at a Drupalcon. Why don’t we do something like that?”

So, we dispatched our brilliant planning team member to make it happen, and SHE DID!!

Announcing Drupal Gov Days Dedicated Training!!

We’ve gathered together some serious Drupal Community members to do some really cool specific kinds of training. Yep, this is FREE. As in, no cost to take this training. But there is a catch. Because we want this to be a training focus, the seating is limited to 24, this will ensure a meaningful training to participants in each class. But that’s it, 24. Really, that’s it.

If you’re interested in the training, you FIRST need to REGISTER for Drupal Gov Days and then, head over to and sign up.

We will be running the Dedicated Hands-On Drupal Training both days, so sign up and, Happy Drupaling!!

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