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More complete, effective, and efficient information and IT sharing across the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) is a leading goal for the Directorate for Information Management and Chief Information Office (DS), which recently released its strategic vision for the next 5 years. The first goal laid out in the plan is to “facilitate and enhance information sharing across DoDIIS” through increased cloud computing as well as shared application and data. The plan also highlights the importance of collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness. Such initiatives aren’t limited to the DIA or even the other agencies under the DoD, with the rest of the “quad,” the NSA, NRO, and NGA, but also the CIA participating in a program to develop a common desktop environment with seperate application markets but increased communication and sharing. Rather than build enablers from scratch, Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform would be the an efficient solution for reaching these goals.

Kapow Katalyst is an enterprise application integration platform that eliminates the need for programmatic access to APIs. API stands for application programming interface, and APIs allows for applications to communicate in a standard way to share data and processes. Many applications don’t have APIs or don’t readily share them such as most web content, legacy enterprise software, and cloud services. Enterprises are often forced to cut and paste information by hand, try to get the APIs from the application designers, rewrite legacy applications, or hire contractors to do it for them. With Kapow, however, you just log in and automatically extract, transform, integrate and migrate data from partner applications and websites. The Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform isn’t just effective, it’s faster and cheaper than modifying applications, with unrivaled time to market for integrating internal IT and cloud applications like those planned for DoDIIS. Kapow can also create and support the APIs that other integration platforms would need, enabling the DoD’s existing and future solutions.

Kapow is also well-suited for working with the unique needs and challenges of the Intelligence Community. They have extensive experience with federal projects and have worked with intelligence to deliver open-source intelligence (OSINT) solutions. Katalyst can manage restricted and classified information by offering user, role, and group based controls. Kapow also has an extensive partner ecosystem with vendors and integrators specializing in federal solutions and projects to ensure that they will be able to easily integrate with existing software and infrastructure.

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