Crowdsourcing Legislation: Massachusetts Net Neutrality Bill and LexPop

The drafting of a new Massachusetts bill concerning net neutrality will be crowdsourced on the Website, according to a March 6, 2011 post on the LexPop blog, entitled “Co-Creation of Laws: It Starts Now”.

According to the post, Massachusetts State Representative Tom Sannicandro has agreed to introduce the bill once it has been drafted. [I am trying to confirm this information, and will post an update later.] [On 8 March 2011, Representative Tom Sannicandro confirmed this information, in an email message to me.]

LexPop personnel appear to include Matt Baca of the New York University School of Law and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. [Mr. Baca confirms that he and Olin Parker, also of the Kennedy School, operate LexPop.]

For more information, please see the post on the LexPop blog.

HT @opengov20.

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