CTOLabs.com Seeks Nominations for Best Technology To See at DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

CTOlabs.com, a companion site of CTOvision.com, is now soliciting nominations for a list we believe will help many attendees of the 2012 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference (1-4 April 2012). There are an incredible number of great firms on the expo floor at this event, which means to make the most of your time at the expo floor you need a plan. Our survey will help us produce lists of the “Must See” technologies that will be at the event. We will openly publish these lists as a source of data that can inform your planning.

To nominate a firm as one that should be on the “must-see” list, visit our nomination form at: http://ctolabs.com/dodiis-tech-survey/

We would appreciate hearing your views on any technology at the expo floor, and are also asking that you categorize your nomination so we can provide recommendations by topic areas. Topic areas we are requesting you select for your nomination include the categories of the CTOlabs.com Disruptive Technology Directory:

Analytical Tools

Big Data

Cloud Computing










We will provide results here and at CTOlabs.com in time to inform your planning for expo visits during the event.

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