CYBERCOM Plans to be Ready for Anything by 2014, WikiLeaks Data Forecasts Afghanistan Violence, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • General Alexander says that he will develop his workforce at U.S. Cyber Command to be able to handle any threat by 2014. More here.
  • Researchers at the National Academy of Sciences were able to predict insurgent activities in Afghanistan by analyzing logs released by WikiLeaks. More here.
  • The National Academy of Sciences also reports that information technology and computer science can be pivotal to solving sustainability challenges including water management, food production, biodiversity and urban planning. More here.
  • The General Services Administration has launched its Digital Services Innovation Center for shared solutions, training, and expertise. More here.
  • Six critical Department of Defense enterprise resource planning systems are $8 billion over budget and 12 years behind schedule. More here.
  • Budget cuts have slowed development of, the unified website for government performance data. More here.
  • At its first multi-stakeholder meeting, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration stressed that transparency alone is not enough to safeguard mobile application privacy. More here.

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