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Daily Dose: Defense Department releases bi-yearly report on progress in Afghanistan

The Defense Department Friday released its bi-yearly report entitled “Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan,” which provides insight as to how well Afghan national security efforts are going. The report offers also covers progress in rule of law, economics, and road conditions. It states that the situation is improving in Afghanistan, though the Taliban still acts “with impunity” from Pakistan.

Afghanistan on $1,605 a Page

The report cost a total of $207,000 – or $1,605 a page. The cost is displayed on a sticker which is placed on the cover of the report, a practice that was mandated by former Secretary Bob Gates.

In the report are graphs and charts, including a diagram showing how troops are vetted to assure that the Afghan military isn’t subverted by Taliban fighters. It also, for the first time ever, featured an Afghan soldier on the cover rather than a member of the US military.


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