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Daily Dose: Social Security Administration Worker Removed From Position Due to Age, Race, and Sex

Many of us have felt discriminated against, some more than others. Maybe you weren’t hired for a job because of your hometown, or maybe you got bad service you wore a partisan or controversial T-shirt that day. We often don’t notice if we’ve been discriminated against, but if you have, you may not get the justice you deserve.
Joe Davidson, a columnist from the Washington Post, wrote an article covering a woman who was fired due to discrimination because of her age, sex, and race. It turns out that the woman didn’t get her job back, according to the following story by Davidson:

Where can a federal employee find recourse?

It starts in 2001, when Murchison was removed from her position as a team leader in the SSA’s Woodlawn, Md., headquarters, just outside Baltimore. After a decision by an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative judge, the SSA conceded she had been discriminated against for reasons of race, sex and age, among other things. Though the agency agreed to restore Murchison, a black woman who was then 51, to her team leader position, it did not.

The woman who was fired, Barbara Murchison, is suing to get her job back, which has affected her physically. When a person has to personally sue because of a legally determined injustice, there’s likely a long-standing systemic problem in the department.

With equal rights legislation already in place, how can we collectively work to stop discrimination? Is legislation effective, or is the only way to stop discrimination in the workplace to change the hearts and minds of people?


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