Dancing for Diplomas

At this year’s convocation, our Maxwell MPA students had to dance before they got their diplomas. In one of our joint Public Organizations & Management sessions some RAs had accidentially hit the disco music button in all classrooms. Rosemary was the only one dancing, so that she gave them all bad grades for their class participation! I graduation event that I will never forget!

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Pat Fiorenza

This was great, I loved that Professor O’Leary had us dance. Ines can be spotted dancing around the :54 mark! I am thankfully not in the video, I was sitting on the opposite side of the room.

Carol Davison

Why not express joy at the culmination of your educational experince? We Westerners take life way to seriously, and should dance like no one is watching much more often. Just yesterday I said that they needed to issue “The Snoopy Dance” music to all peace corps volunteeers so they can avoid depression of leaving home.