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Happy New Year, GovLoopers… the Hokie Guru knows you’ve missed him!! 🙂

The Hokie Guru apologizes because he does not have time to preview every NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Conference… he can only pick a few games here and there and will pick one later in this post. When March Madness begins, the Hokie Guru will host a bracket challenge (which the Hokie Guru will win) on GovLoop.

Let’s have fun:

1.) The Virginia Tech Hokies soundly defeated the Big East Least’s University of Cincinnatti Bearcats in the Orange Bowl. Enough said.

2.) The Hokie Guru has been Runnin’ with the Devil (check the site out… it will make your week… it’s the Hokie Guru’s new favorite web site). Some argue that Van Halen was better with Daviid Lee Roth (DLR)… others argue that Sammy Hagar was the best because Van Halen’s first #1 album was with Hagar at the helm.. the Hokie Guru is a DLR supporter.

3.) How can the Boston College Eagles beat North Carolina and lose to Harvard in the same week in men’s basketball? Easy… it’s called the let down… you have to “bring it” every game or you will lose… it happened to Michigan last year in football when they played Appalachian State University… see that below:

Even when the weather is cold, cold cold, Appalachian is hot, hot, hot!! The Hokie Guru predicts a short stay for Boston College in the Top 25. You just can’t lose to the Ivy League and expect good things to happen on a long-term basis.

4.) And speaking of the Boston College Eagles, head football coach, Jeff Jagodzinski was fired for interviewing for the New York Jets head football coaching job. At this point, the Hokie Guru thinks that Boston College Athletic Director, Gene DeFilippo, has the largest ego on the planet. Why would you fire someone who wants to improve their career? The Hokie Guru hates to tell Geno, this, but Boston College is, ahem, a stepping stone for other coaching jobs. Generally, coaches will not spend their entire career at Boston College, unless their name is Jerry York.

5.) Okay, talk about a power NCAA Men’s Division I basketball conference… the Big East Conference (the Hokie Guru will not use the “Big Least” for Basketball… only for football) has nine ranked teams in the Associated Press Top 25. This is incredible!! There might be as many as 9-10 teams from this conference in the NCAA tournament in March 2009. Call it a replay of the Big East Tournament. The Big East is the nation’s top basketball conference.

6.) The Bowl Championship Series National Football Championship (the Pick… Thursday night, January 8, 2009) – #1 Florida vs. #2 Oklahoma – In one corner, we have the Florida Gators with the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner in quarterback Tim Tebow. In the other corner, we have the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner in Sam Bradford, the first Native American to win the award. Oklahoma and Florida are ranked #3 and #17, respectively, in total offense. Florida and Oklahoma are ranked #7 and #62, respectively, in total defense. Oklahoma quarterback, Sam Bradford, has not seen a pash rush this year. He will see a pash rush in the national championship game. Defense wins championships. And by the way, why didn’t someone cut the microphone of Oklahoma defensive back, Dominque Franks? Seriously, man, that was dumb. Florida wins this game and wins two national championships in three years (and may repeat next year). Representative Cliff Stearns, however, should not get the day off.

7.) The Florida $tate Univer$ity $eminole$ have agreed to a home-and-home football series with the University of South Florida Bulls. Still waiting for an invite from GovLoop.

8.) The University of Pittsburgh is #1 in NCAA Men’s Division I basketball. It’s the first time the Panthers have been #1 in any sports since 1982. Congratulations from the Hokie Guru. And speaking of Pitt, they go to the University of Connecticut on February 16 in what might be the Big East Conference game of the year.

9.) Virginia at Virginia Tech (NCAA Men’s Division I basketball… Saturday, January 10) – Of course the Virginia Tech Hokies will beat the Boohoohoos (the Hokie Guru just likes calling them the boohoohoos). Virginia Tech wins the Battle of the Commonwealth and retains possession of the trophy for over 1500 consecutive days.

That’s it, GovLoopers… the Hokie Guru will be in Blacksburg, VA on Saturday… have a great week!!

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The hokie guru has been missed. Not a fan of the Seminoles – USF takes them next year. Pitt at #1 – I don’t believe it. $5 says they don’t make the elite 8. Florida won – Tebow is superman. Chuck Norris anyone. Loving the Big East in bball – although it’s so tough my Bulls are getting better but probably won’t be better than 3-10 in the conference this year.

Mark Danielson

So it’s not the best year to be a Big Ten (eleven) fan. But if it were not for the Big Ten, to whom would the ACC and Big East and SEC compare themselves? Everybody needs a foil.

Mid America?, Mountain West? I don’t think so. For deep thoughts, how ’bout this deep pass: The east coast conferences (and the southern “Big” 12 etc.) need the Big Ten to connect with and compare to the west coast.

To bad that this year it’s the foil game (Big Ten 1-6 in bowl games.) I love it when the Big Ten (and, I guess I’ll have to include our sister league, the PAC-10, 5-0 this year in bowl games) actually foil SEC and ACC and Big East delusions of grandeur.

Thanks as ever for your posts O Hokie Guru.

Matthew Stephen Worner

Yes, Ed, the ACC took Virginia Tech, Miami, and BC (the ACC actually fits Virginia Tech’s geographic footprint much better… Virginia Tech is about 2-3 hours from all of the North Carolina schools… and four-and-a-half from Maryland and about 6-7 from Clemson)… but I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that teams like Rutgers, South Florida, WVU, UConn etc. started winning when Virginia Tech, Miami, and BC departed… be glad, Ed… Rutgers might not have even made the Papa John’s Bowl this year had the three powers remained in the conference lol. The Hokie Guru will cede you one point, though… UConn’s Donald Brown is a stud… and give the Hokie Guru some credit… the Big East was not slammed the whole time…. the Big East is tops in men’s hoops followeed by the ACC… and Big 10.

Mark, Oregon State beat Pittsburgh three to nothing… the Hokie Guru though for a second he was in Heinz Field in Pittsburgh watching the MLB Pirates. The Hokie Guru was indeed impressed with Utah and USC’s wins (and Oregon played pretty well, too… great offense)… the Hokie Guru will post something later this week as sort of a wrap-up on bowl season, a proposal for a playoff, and a preseason 2009 top 10.

And, man, the Hokie Guru was off on Cincy… yikes… as was everyone in America… the Hokie Guru had them finishing 7th.. and they finish 1st in their conference.

I think these are Deep Thoughts like Jack Handy from the Old Saturday Night Live, Mark. Remember that skit?

Mark Danielson

O guru that’s hilarious! I loved that guy. He’s got a website. Once again thanks guru, I’m on my way out the door and just had to see what you were putting down. I look forward to the wrap-up. Be safe. And.. nobody could call Cincy. That’s almost as difficult as predicting a Badgers win.