Developing a Social Media Strategy

With all of the Agencies putting together their OpenGov plans due in April, I am curious as to how many have a coherent Social Media Strategy.

developing-a-social-strategy-webinar is a great starting point.

How do Agencies go beyond using social channels to simply push information and instead actually engage and listen to employees and the general public?

Disruptive Technologies: A Holistic, Pragmatic Approach

New technologies are emerging at a faster pace than Agencies can swallow. The rate of obsolescence outpaces the rate of change.

Despite the new technology flood, Agencies lack a strategy to on-board these disruptions. As a result, they often react, flounder, or simply ignore them.

We can solve these problems in four major areas of practice:

Leadership and Management: How must leaders change with new technologies? How will this transform Agencies from the inside out?

Customer Strategy: How is the public behaving differently online? How can I reach them where they are?

Enterprise Strategy: Internal systems are connecting with external – How will I keep up with the dizzying pace? Employees are adopting collaboration and social tools without my control – How should I manage?

Innovation and Design: Experimenting on the general public is a bad idea, so how can I learn in a safe place? What vendors and providers should I lean on?

-Altimeter Group

If governments really want to address the other side of the engagement coin, and figure out where people are, what they care about, what language they use, what makes them tick on a topic and stick to a community, then they need to empower their employees to be market researchers, information brokers, idea transformers.

– Andrea DiMaio, Gartner

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David Tallan

It might be worthwhile to consider the possibility of “social media strategies” as an alternative to a “social media strategy”.

In other words, you may want to use social media differently for different purposes. Your social media marketing strategy could be different from your social media consultation strategy. You could have another strategy for using social media to encourage innovation and new service development. Etc.

By unbundling them, you can give the strategies to different groups of people to work on and tackle them at different paces, depending on organizational or political readiness.