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Diary of a Great Employee

Dear Diary:

What do I really want from my job?

I want to be proud of what I do;
I want to know that my work has purpose and meaning;
I want to be recognized for the good work I do;
I want to be productive and contribute to my organization;
I want to earn my paycheck.

Simply put, I want to be happy with my job!

All of these things are within my grasp! So, today I reaffirm my pledge to:

  • Be Skillful & Competent: I will use my skills to the best of my ability and I will constantly seek ways to continuously improve my abilities, like attending training seminars & seeking additional education, when needed, to make my skills great.
  • Take Direction Gracefully: I will accept criticism, direction and advice easily and incorporate it, as best I can, to my work.
  • Be Reliable. None of my colleagues will ever have to worry that I won’t deliver the goods. I will do whatever it takes so others will count on me to have my work done; No one will ever have to worry whether my work will be done right.
  • Be Trustworthy: I won’t spread gossip or make negative, destructive comments about the organization; I will be truthful with my employer and my colleagues, even when it means taking responsibility for my role in mistakes and mishaps, no matter what.
  • Be Confidential: I will always protect the confidential nature of my employer’s business dealings and respect everyone’s privacy.
  • Participate: I will participate in the day-to-day activities at work, even if they aren’t particularly fun or interesting to me; I will attend meetings and participate in birthday celebrations. I will be part of the team, in all aspects!
  • Respect Coworkers: I will get along with my colleagues and stay out of their business, if not invited; I will be conscious to keep my voice low when talking on the phone and will treat my colleagues they way I want to be treated; I will not stir-up trouble.
  • Use Tact: I will be tactful and carry myself with decorum. If there is a problem in the office, I won’t make a scene in front of everyone else; I will handle controversial concerns with privacy and diplomacy. I won’t tell tasteless, political or religious jokes, nor will I send emails that tell these kinds of jokes.
  • Be a Team Player: I won’t seek attention or claim the limelight at work; I will collaborate with my colleagues and contribute to whatever needs to get done, for the good of my employer.
  • Be Positive: I will demonstrate a positive spirit about my job, my employer, and my coworkers and help to make my workplace a great experience for everyone around me.

I must always remember that everything I want from my job is within in my control and I am the only one who can make these things happen.

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Barry Everett

Excellent points all. My additions/clarifications from a long time dealing with fed life:
Take a breath – Using care to keep your ideas and ideals in focus for the long term
Just say ‘Yes!’ – If you get unreasonable or non-productive requests or projects, don’t challenge or argue with the sender. Just agree, but turn the request back to the sender with “Great! Here’s what I need from you to complete your request.” Only the ‘real’ work tasks ever make it back to you for further input. Most will die on the vine.
The Pay is the Same – A long career of doing work that nobody used beyond the immediate weekly report has taught me that we get paid for our good works whether they are used or recognized, or not. Not in a cynical way, but rather as an altruistic approach to “Do your best regardless of the eventual result.”
If you don’t like the ‘weather’, just wait, it will change – This is a reference to Texas weather, but here it means that administrations, organizations, supervisors come and go. Eventually the ‘Fed Mandela’ turns to something different, sometimes better.
Just sayin’ 😉