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If You Really Want It — Be Persistent!

Here’s a FABULOUS ARTICLE for future Govies! Reprint of an article on LinkedIn by Elizabeth A. Medina I’ve been trying to get into Civil Service ever since I left my campus work study job as a Biology and Chemistry lab assistant 14 years ago. Obviously, all that changed less than a month ago and IRead… Read more »

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are Minimum Wage Increases Really Affordable?

This one comes to us from today’s headlines of today’s USDoL Newsletter… The full text of these findings are quite interesting: Opinion Poll: Small Businesses Support Increasing Minimum And how would this bottom-up stimulus effect Govies? How many of us feel like they we have “more purchasing power” these days? Would this type of increaseRead… Read more »

To RIF or Not to RIF: What’s Over the Edge of this Fiscal Cliff?

At the edge of this ominous “Fiscal Cliff” lies a very real concern for many federal employers: will we have to reduce our workforce even more? And by what means? Aside from attrition (which reeks organizational havoc over a long period of time), there are two ways a Federal employer can reduce its workforce: TheRead… Read more »

Are You an Overpaid Govie?

If you’re a govie, you’ll appreciate the recent Wall Street Journal article that challenges this implication. Results from the Census Bureau’s real world Survey of Income and Salary Program Participation (SIPP) showed that most federal workers who are looking to cash in on their skills by leaving federal employment will end up disappointed. Here’s whatRead… Read more »

6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning: The Fifth and Sixth Pitfalls

The first four pitfalls have been covered. Now it’s time to share the last two, and most likely pitfalls of all … Pitfall No. 5: Running Out of Steam; and Pitfall lNo. 6: Planning for the Wrong Skill Sets Regarding Pitfall No. 5: It should not escape the astute reader that sharing these last twoRead… Read more »