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Did Justin Bieber Uncover Hidden Potential for Instagram?

While I’m not much of a Justin Bieber fan, it has been interesting to watch his antics recently surrounding his rants directed at his critics. On March 6 he sent off a barrage of tweets directed at his “haters.” Good luck deciphering what he was trying to say, I had a hard time. (Below is just a very small sample of the entire soliloquy.)

The problem with these long thoughts or rants is that Twitter impedes them with the 140 character limit and the fact that whatever you Tweet most recently shows up at the top of your timeline. So Bieber’s rant was in reverse if you read from the top down on his Twitter timeline in small 140 character snippets. Obviously, Justin was frustrated by the fact that his thoughts were longer than 140 characters, so he looked for another medium to send out his rants through.

That’s when Mr. Bieber performed an award winning social media move suitable for a public relations philosopher: he used Twitter to publicize a long statement that was actually fully written out on Instagram – circumventing the restrictions that Twitter has in place.

Twitter’s main rival, Facebook, owns Instagram, so this probably makes the folks over at Twitter HQ a little nervous. Fans of his were given a link to Instagram where they were met with a long manifesto of sorts under a generic picture that was 1,266 characters long. Even though he used Twitter to advertise his message, the actual content was elsewhere.

How does this fare for the public sector? Can agencies start using Instagram to publicize information to followers without having to use numerous Tweets or water down the content?

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