Didn’t Pass The PMP Exam? Get 90 More Simulator Days!

Not passing the PMP exam is frustrating and the last thing we want to do is to add to this frustration in any way. This is why we are offering a free 90 day extension of The PM Exam Simulator those customers who did not pass the PMP exam. This gives them the opportunity to review the Knowledge Areas they missed during the exam, and get them better prepared for the next take.

This offer is valid for all customers of The PM Exam Simulator. To claim the 90 day free extension customers must send a copy of their Exam Score Report to [email protected] within 45 days of their exam attempt. The support team will extend the simulator by 90 days starting from the day that the Exam Score Report was received.

So continue with your learning and let us help you get there – pass the PMP exam. Our PM Exam simulator offers 1800 highly realistic PMP sample questions, and detailed explanations for all answers. Practice again under test conditions in a realistic exam environment.

Have an edge: Practice for Your PMP Exam with the best PMP Exam Simulator on the market!

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