Digital Outlook Report 09 from Razorfish

Let me be straight about this blog entry – this is not an advertisement for this agency, I have never worked for this agency, and I receive no benefit from talking about their latest report, the Digital Outlook Report , available for free from their website.

That being said, I think government agencies of all sizes and flavors need to keep one finger on the pulse of their constituents, and one finger pointed at the future. Many times government spends precious resources playing “catch up” instead of watching and predicting where technology, customer relations and social innovation are heading.

Although Razorfish is a commercial ad agency, it’s a great thing to be able to look at their predictions about Social Media, Market segments and Mobile opportunities with an open mind about how these trends will affect our jobs to promote our agencies, offer more efficient services and connect with our citizens on a level more intimate than ever before.

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A long read but a great read. I find the radical changes in media and advertising fascinating. It sure is a fun time when you think about some of the biggest brands in today’s culture – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – are all only 3-10 years old. The evolution of technology from the 2004 to 2008 presidential campaigns was extraordinary and I can only guess what 2012 will look like.