DISA’s Technology Watchlist 2013-2018


DISA’s technology needs can drive adoption in the DoD as a whole

We covered DISA’s recently released Strategic plan for years 2013-2018 in this post here. However, part of their report includes a technology watchlist. Below we have analyzed the technologies that DISA is watching over the next 5 years. As providers to one of the largest groups of enterprise users in the world. DISA offers support to warfighters across the globe, and must adapt to fix ever-changing missions.

  • High Performance Optical Networking Technologies – as a huge network, DISA needs quality optical solutions that enable high speed and agile networking.
  • Disruption Tolerant Networking Technologies – The networks that DISA are required to protect are oft targeted by malicious actors. To combat this, they need resilient networks that can segregate threats and protect from intruders. Disruptions can also be the need to be deliver
  • Cloud Computing Technologies – Cloud Computing is coming to the DoD, and they need to prepare for it. Cloud technologies will be dictating how we connect to computing resources and provide computing to distributed users.
  • Big Data Technologies – The growth of data is undeniable. But how we manage and exploit that data has yet to be determined. As analysts and collectors create more and more data, that data needs to be translated into actionable intelligence
  • Enterprise Management Technologies – As enterprises grow, management needs to move from user controlled to autonomous systems that self-govern and can self-repair.
  • Mobile Technologies – Mobile technologies are growing at an amazing rate. They are ubiquitous in first world nations and are taking over the emerging markets. DISA needs mobile technologies that enable access and service to their stakeholders, and allow them to gain intelligence on mobile capabilities of adversaries.
  • Enterprise IdAM Technologies – The DoD has millions of service members and employees. Managing their identities is paramount to ensure access is only given to those authorized. IdAM technologies are necessary to provide quality services and support important missions.
  • Cross Domain Technologies – The US military must work with intelligence community assets, civilians and foreign nations. To do so, they must work in many domains, including classified and unclassified networks.

DISA is in need of innovative solutions of all sorts, solutions that can change the way they interact with networks. More resilient networks are needed, as well mobile solutions that move with the pace of technology.

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