Do page views matter for your average blogger?

To me, page views on my personal blog actually matter very little, it’s more about the sharing of thoughts, hearing other viewpoints, and ultimately reaching a deeper understanding on a variety of topics…

Assuming you feel the same way I do, here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • As you blog more and more, hopefully gaining a reputation as someone with at least a couple of readers, look for opportunities to take part on other sites. I cross-post my content on CustomerThink, GovLoop, and soon somewhere else as well (will share where in the next few days).
  • Do not write what others want to hear, write your true opinions, do not be afraid to be respectfully thought-provoking.
  • Invite others to share their thoughts about your post, especially those that are likely to have alternate viewpoints. The goal is to learn, to engage, to grow.
  • Enable your RSS feeds to show the full post, not just the small teaser. People are more likely to read your content if they do not have to click on a link, wait for your blog to open. Keep it simple for your customers, your readers.

If your goal is to maximize traffic to your blog it wouldn’t hurt to consider the same tactics, though. People want to engage with people, or organizations, not to simply be preached to from the all-knowing Oz….. So, let me ask you…. What is important to you?


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I think there are couple thinks I care about:
-Sharing ideas – I care about passing my thoughts and love when people tell me they’ve read or shared my posts
-Getting feedback – I love getting comments from people. Not just # of comments. But # of real quality comments