Does IT Project Success Correlate to PMP Certification?

Does IT Project Success Correlate to PMP Certification?

Gary and Joseph from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania reached out to me about a research survey they are conducting. Please take a few moments to fill out their short survey to the best of your ability.

This research study survey investigates key information technology (IT) project management activities in terms of project scope, time, and cost management, namely the triple constraints.

The authors contend that the ability to properly manage and execute these activities are the quintessential components that oftentimes drives whether scope, time and cost goals are met.

The literature shows that IT projects have a dismal success rate but successful projects have been on the rise.

This study attempts to determine if the increase of successful projects correlates to the increase in the number of PMP® certificated project managers.

The link to this short questionnaire is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VMJGRHS.

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