Doing a Workplace Analysis


What are some examples of the kinds of workplace behavior or conflict that can benefit from mediation services? Ignoring the problem isn’t going to make it go away. Neither is letting the problem linger – much like fish on the kitchen counter, workplace conflict doesn’t get better with time. Think about the behaviors described below, and check those which you have observed in your own work environment (past or present). Has someone in the workplace…

  • Complained of being bullied?
  • Complained about each other?
  • Complained about their supervisor?
  • Argued with each other and been disruptive?
  • Felt they were treated unfairly (in project assignments, promotions, details)?
  • Retreated from interactions with others and become nonresponsive?
  • Become overly aggressive (vs. assertive)?
  • Had an ongoing one-upmanship with a co-worker?
  • Had heated disagreements about the direction of a project that spill into the workplace?
  • Complained of being harassed because of their age/race/gender/religion?
  • Made others uncomfortable with their jokes and pranks?
  • Had a supervisor that regularly appears to not listen?
  • Had a supervisor that abuses their authority?
  • Made unwanted sexual advances or innuendo?
  • Had a supervisor threaten or participate in retaliation?
  • Received disciplinary action that seemed too severe for the infraction?
  • Had management violate a bargaining unit agreement?

Think of an incident in your workplace that was disruptive to productivity and cohesiveness — was it ever satisfactorily resolved?

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