Doing Something Different: Risk vs. Results

I enjoyed listening to my parents reading fairy tales to me when I was young. The Fairy Tale books were stacked neatly next to Dr. Suess in my bookcase waiting for me to pick which book one my parents would read to me at bed time.

What network executive “Green Lighted” Grimm. Now when I saw the print ad for Grimm, my first thought was “That is not in my TV viewing future”. After all, it does not follow the Brothers Grimm script in any way shape or form. I like my Fairy Tales he way I remember them, happily ever after and all. I am just imagining the conversation that occurred before, during and after the pitch to the network executives.

It’s Friday night, I figured I would peek, hate it, change the channel, get an early start on Saturday cleaning, and turn in early.

I like it. It may not be a “must see”. It’s so different from what I expected.

Someone some where saw the potential, crunched the numbers, took a roll of the dice and did okay.

Given shrinking budgets and the current economic climate of delivering more and delivering results, to take risk in hopes of meeting mission goals and delivering value? What does it take for an executive to take a well known concept, give it a 360 degree twist and deliver something creative?

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