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Lyrics to Learn English (by) (or not)

A few days ago On my daily commute via metro A mother was teaching her child English Using music as a tool. When I was a wee one, I practiced English to the Mo’ town tune There were the Temptations, Smokey, O’Jays, and Parliment Funkadelic (smile) Sure my parents and their friends were my EnglishRead… Read more »

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration

As I type in the dark at 1:16 EST, there may be some typos. I am watching InSync and the Jacksons performance from the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration, I see a wealth of lessons here. Let’s start with the Jacksons performance of “I want you back” with the same energy, skill, togetherness, and joyRead… Read more »

Are the expectations for interacting the same for Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.?

Are there different protocols for emailing your contacts on these different collaboration sites i.e contacts on Linkedin, friends on FaceBook, friends on GovLoop, Twitterites….? I recently read a blog Your LinkedIn Opinion: Would you find this offensive? that prompted this question. The author clearly has an expectation on receiving frequent updates through email. Most ofRead… Read more »