Donate old cell phones to government programs

What can you do with all those old cell phones? Donate them to government programs that go to good causes. See this video for some ideas.

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Julie Chase

My cell phone, yes, I have done that. When it comes time to dispose of Uncle Sam purchased cell phones, they must go to DRMO. I asked if they could be donated to the “Phones for soldiers” and was told “NO”, regulations state that must go to DRMO. What a waste.

Kristy Dalton

@Julie Darn! At least you can donate your personal cell phone. I used to get reimbursed for a portion of my cell phone bill (before budget cuts), but my phone was still my phone and I am free to donate. What is DRMO? (I’m a local govie=)

Julie Chase

Kristy, yeah, I thought it was a great cause since I do work on a military installation, go figure. DRMO is Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office. It is a place where everything from old office furniture to forklifts go to die. There are huge warehouses all over the US and on European US installations. I often wondered after Katrina, those who lost everything, waited and waited, when there are DRMO’s filled with refrigerators, beds, chest of drawers, nightstands, tables, chairs, lamps, storage lockers, ….you know, things that folks could use. The way I look at it,…it’s already paid for, so why not. Same with cell phones, phones for soldiers is a great way to pay it forward and this is something I believe the taxpayers wouldn’t mind. At least they aren’t sitting in a huge warehouse in a box, in BIN 5 section A of a DRMO. To me, that is a shame.