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DonnaInk Publications (dp) inVirtual Work Way Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year! Cheers 2010!

About the Author: Ms. Quesinberry, DonnaInk Publications (dp) President, manages a government (federal and state) and commercial consultancy. A published technical non-fiction and fictional author, she is also a university course developer and instructor as well as poetess. Donna interviewed on CNBC and is a single mother of 5 adult children with 7 grandchildren.

dp is a small, woman-owned sole proprietorship, with over 18 years of professional expertise featuring high 90% performance measurements and a 98% win ratio for multiple | diverse genres among grant, federal contract and technical communication industries

Bus. Dev. | Capture | Coaching | Copyedit | Media | PR | Writer Rep.

Donna Quesinberry President | Consultant
DonnaInk Publications (dp)
5120 Chowan Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia 22312
[email protected]
inVirtual Office: 1-703-270-9440
Facsimile: 1-703-270-9440 (line switches over)
Mobile: 1-571-839-6995
80% win ratio among multiple/diverse clients
Yes, we provide winning proposal solutions!

To publish your technical non-fiction or fictional E-, soft or hard-bound book, call dp.
No other ink will do, It’s DonnaInk for you!

The Company wishes to take advantage of the “safe harbor” provisions as necessary.

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