Don’t be a stranger: All about social networkers

Do you have a few hundred Facebook friends? According to the Pew Research Center, you’re pretty typical. A new report looks at how social networking affects our lives in terms of trust, tolerance, social support, and community and political engagement. A few findings:

  • Over half of all adult social networkers are over the age of 35, but the single largest group consists of 23- to 35-year-olds (32%). Some 56% are female.
  • On average, people have 229 Facebook friends, and they know 90% of them. Only 7% of Facebook friends might be considered strangers — people that the user has never met.
  • The average user has 56 friends from high school in his or her Facebook network.
  • Social networkers are less likely to be socially isolated than other Americans.
  • Users of LinkedIn are much more likely to be politically engaged than users of other social networking sites.

If you don’t want to read the whole report, GOOD turned those findings into a handy infographic.

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