Drupal Gov Days: Check out the Sessions!

The sessions for Drupal Gov Days have been chosen and they showcase not only the power of Drupal as a platform but how other open source solutions can deliver for government and the public. There is an all day session on securing Drupal; how to create collaboration applications with Drupal and other open source software; and using Drupal for data visualizations. You will also find a good mix of technical sessions and sessions on how to sell Drupal in your organization.

Drupal is rapidly becoming the preferred platform of choice for government because of it’s versatility and ability to extend the basic code base with thousands of user contributed modules. Here are three great examples of Drupal in action.

1) FCC.gov reboots as an open government platform: “The FCC’s site taps into open source, the cloud, and collective intelligence.”

2) GSA’s Data.Gov: “The purpose of Data.gov is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.”

3) Why Big Sites Run Drupal: “Drupal powers more than 150 sites for the federal government, including the White House; the House of Representatives; NASA; and the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Health, Defense, Justice, Transportation, Homeland Security and Agriculture. It was perhaps the 2009 decision to move Whitehouse.gov and its associated sites to Drupal that gave the open source platform its biggest boost and gave other government agencies the confidence they needed to follow suit. To date, 34 state and territory agencies also use Drupal, with every new adopter solidifying the offering and creating new avenues for innovation.”

Hope to see you at Drupal Gov Days on May 18th!

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Chris Cairns

Haven’t used Drupal, but I’d like to see a CMS powered by Ruby / Rails. I guess there are just more PHP developers!