Economic Times Tough…Learn Something New

It is disheartening to hear every day the job losses. I know it can often be hard to wrap your mind around “what do I do now?” When you look it from the stand point of “What Can I Do Now?” I have heard the expression, “when a door closes, a window opens”. So take the opportunity to learn something new whether it is a hobby, job skills in your profession, or computer skills. A few possible things you can do.

1. Volunteer! Many job opportunities come from volunteering, plus it keeps your mind off things.
2. Many local community colleges offer free or low cost classes.
3. Use Internet resources as much as possible. There are many free classes out there.
4. Make yourself valuable in a unique way that other employers would want to hire you over someone else.
5. Take the time to find yourself.

Even if you are still in a job right now, keep your skills up. Education can never be taken away from you.

~Never stop learning.

Check out the e-Learning group for free learning information.

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AJ Malik

I agree, April. Change manifests opportunity. During these challenging times,
creating self-value via education, training, networking, or some innovative vehicle is
the key to self preservation, regardless of employment status.