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3 Tips to Make Training Stick for Today’s Attention Spans

In 1998, the average attention span could be held for 12 minutes. In 2008, the average attention span could be held for 5 minutes. In 2018, what will the average attention span be? This trend toward increasingly short attention spans is a major concern for training professionals that are trying to design more effective trainings. WhenRead… Read more »

Workforce Training—Why it Matters & How You Can Get Involved

All across government we are seeing how technology can make your job easier – the same is true in workforce training. In addition to having trainings online (which lowers costs and allows people to learn wherever they are), technology can help government agencies take an innovative approach to training that focuses more on the individual.Read… Read more »

It’s Time to Customize Your Executive Development Program

On September 3, 2014, American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) will be hosting the Government Workforce: Learning Innovations Conference. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for government leaders to explore how new learning models can help solve government challenges. The goal of the conference is to highlight government collaboration and give attendees theRead… Read more »

Government’s 21st Century Learning Community

What do you do as a government employee when you have a question on the job? You likely have four options: You “Google” it. You ask a colleague. You look for a relevant document on your desk, desktop computer or shared drive. You try to see if there’s an upcoming training that can help you.Read… Read more »

Virtual Conferences in Government: 6 Tips and 4 Benefits

In the midst of sequestration cuts and strained budgets, virtual events are emerging as a creative solution for delivering professional training in government at a low cost. Planning and organizing these virtual events and training, however, is a new experience for many agency professionals. Hoping to glean some tips on how to make the transitionRead… Read more »